Donna Carolina


Donna Carolina



Grapefruit: Coda di Volpe

Ground Features: Vulcan

Harvest period: End of September beginning of October

Production area: Vesuvio 200/250 m. s.l.m.

Breeding: Sparrow

Max Prod. for Ha: 100 q

Acidity: 6,00

Alcohol: 13% vol.

Color: Straw yellow

Perfume: Not particularly complex but sharp and intense. Call for yellow fruit scents ripe (apricot, peach and papaya).

Taste: Optimum balance between softness and freshness with a strong mineral accent that increases vitality. Closes with ripe fruit memories

Serving temperature: 10°-12° C

Matches: It is recommended with crustaceans, fish grilled, fresh potatoes and artichokes.