Red Moon


Red Moon

Along the slopes of Vesuvius streaks of fire shined and glimpses  in the background of night darkness rised up, and from the rows of the vineyard a red light could be seen, it was the moon, a fiery red moon.


Type / Classification: Red Wine I.G.T./I.G.P

Grapes:  Aglianico 100%

Characteristics of the soil: Volcanic

Grape-harvesting: October

Production area: Selected vineyards in Neapolitan area

Growing:  Espalier

Yield Max per Ha:  100 ql

Acidity: 5,50

Alcohol: 12,5% vol.

Colour: Ruby red more or less intense

Scent: large bouquet of aromas of ripe red berry fruits

Flavour: medium-bodied, with a balanced aftertaste and pleasant hints of plum and black cherry

Serving temperature: 18°-20° C


The grapes are harvested by hand and placed in plastic boxes previously sanitized, in each box are collected at most 15 kg of grapes, to avoid that during the transport there is a natural crushing of the grapes. An envelope containing dry ice is deposited on each box to keep the grapes at a right temperature to avoid early and uncontrolled fermentations. Once  arrived in the winery, the grapes are processed in a destemmer, this process allows us to split the stalks from the grains and press them, after this phase the de-stemmed grapes are placed in steel silos, where the fermentation at controlled temperature between 24/26° lasts for about 8/10 days, after the fermentation the must is stored in ripening tanks and then processed and bottled.